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How to convert from points ignition to HEI (from Alex Bilan's site) Information on the GM Quadrajet carb (by Greg Kalkhoff) Inliners International devoted to all Inline powered vehicles: Quadrajet Carb Numbers: Recommended tools for Quadrajet adjustment (from posts to the Monte Carlo List).

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Useful for 700-R4, 200-4R’s and other units working without computers and needing help getting lock-up in and out at the proper time. Unlike the GM vacuum switch, this switch allows the vacuum trigger point to be adjusted between 1 to 6 inches of vacuum (K052) or 6 to 22 inches of vacuum • Erratic shift points • Weak shifts • Will convert a 350C to a 350 • Erratic passing gear shifts • Premature clutch failure • Premature band failure The 200-4R Shift Correction Package Kit (K200-4R) Helps eliminate the following problems: • Sloppy 1-2 shifts • Erratic 4-3 shifts • Throttle

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Shift Point Package (Part K018) By changing the enclosed weights and springs on the governor, you can obtain the shift points you want. Fits all TH250, 350, 375, 400 and 700-R4 transmissions 700-R4 Hydraulic Lock-Up (Part K017) The Fairbanks Hydraulic Lock-Up Package allows you to engage lock-up automatically -- without the computer.

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Effeciancy= 15mph, 30mph, 37mph, 52mph- Owner's manuel will give exact numbers i think those are what the mph is. Your best shift point will be the RPM where there is the least change in torque between shifts.

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Some people don't like Q-jets, but the 700R4 and Q-jet is how I get 20 mpg at 75 most of the time. I haven't run this motor much, but on a recent trip from my town to Moab, UT. I filled up here and then there and got 23 mpg at 70 mph. Granted this was pure highway driving except for about 5 miles through the one town between here and there.